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    A meditation on resilience

    So, what is happening with us when it appears on the outside as if there is less and less to us? Who we are disappears, and who we were is forgotten, rarely referred to. And, when who we were IS referred to, it’s usually a watered-down, slightly distorted version. The “you” that you used to be is fading fast, and you think that the only way to re-instate the colour and depth of you is to do what you did, say what you said, think what you thought, and carry on. But, what if you cant do that, no matter how hard you try? Who are you then? Measuring yourself…

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  • Getting back up

    Part three – Don’t be the girl who fell. Be the girl who got back up

    Finally getting back up! Part three has been a very, very long time coming and it’s difficult to know where to begin. I’ll begin with the most common theme throughout the past three years – brain fog and fatigue. I can remember with clarity writing parts one and two – the process, the flow, the relative ease of finding words – and realise now that it was only the beginning (spoiler: this isn’t going to be a dramatic story, but one that may resonate with many people). I did say in part two that improvement is a work in progress, but I was really not prepared for how long it…

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    For the uninitiated out there…..

    ….have you actually experienced generalised anxiety?  It struck me recently while quickly throwing a tasty but boiling mug of hot chocolate down my (now swollen and irritated) throat, that I was outnumbered.  Sitting in a garden centre restaurant, looking around at others, mostly elderly, who appeared relaxed, who had probably happily made the decision to go to such a place to RELAX, take their time and enjoy a day out with no pressure. Through the eyes of anxiety Me?  I was there in an attempt to take part in a normal outing (like a “normal” person).  I soon, and completely predictably, found myself rushing my drink down and scanning for…

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    Living instinctively

    Ok, “ancestral” living.  There, I’ve said it.  And some of you will be more than familiar with it.  I couldn’t bring myself to use the word “ancestral” in the heading because I abhor the nature of popular usage of buzzwords.  Buzzwords cause progressive thinking to be labelled as trends, ultimately belittling paradigm shifts which are potentially beneficial.  But the word “ancestral” has become synonymous with nutrition and diet, and that’s an area I’m not qualified to enter into.  I really want to talk about the wider aspects of our ancestral capabilities and how we’re doing ourselves an injustice throughout life. So, this post isn’t about nutrition? Nope.  It’s about losing…

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    10 new habits in 21 days

    Who has time to spare for 10 new habits?  I’m not what I would call “time-rich”, but I am an early-riser with a lot of flexibility.  So how can I get more out of every day?  Surely, there are opportunities to learn and progress while simultaneously  juggling responsibilities. Feeling the need for a change? I’ve been curious about neuroplasticity with regards to breaking bad habits and creating new ones.  The popular psychology take on building new habits is that it takes 21 days.  That’s a rather sweeping claim (in my humble opinion as a layperson) given that a habit is defined as “an automatic reaction to a specific situation”.  But…

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    Hit the override button on anxiety

    Dont let anxiety control you I wasn’t aware that I could install such a thing as an Override Button in my mind.  I realise that some lucky souls seem to come with that Override Button pre-installed and automatically activated when required (and you and I know the type, they appear to saunter through life’s challenges.  I like to believe that they are the minority).  The price I’ve paid for that little missing tool is steep, and now I need to shell out for the premium Forced Override add-on in order to manage anxiety. It’s too easy to forget that you have a choice over how you feel.  Thanks to neuroplasticity…

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  • Getting back up

    Part two – Don’t be the girl who fell. Be the girl who got back up – Jenette Stanley

    Part two – **Disclaimer – I’m not a medical professional.  I’m simply wanting to help others learn what I’ve learnt about how the body and mind can help to heal itself using harmless techniques, however, they are not meant as a replacement for proper medical care.  Please consult your physician for physical and mental health issues.  Thank you** It took that experience at the beach to realise that something was indeed wrong, and not just me overreacting to an existing balance/sensory problem and having a pity party.  (Note: anyone with a longstanding health issue that is in any way restrictive will tell you that eventually all symptoms/feelings will automatically be attributed…

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  • Getting back up

    Don’t be the girl who fell. Be the girl who got back up – Jenette Stanley

    Part 1 – There’s no other way to describe it.  It’s insidious, and for the most part, you remain blissfully unaware.  A gradual lack of repetition of doing things that you enjoy, tiny increments of what used to take up your time being replaced with less healthy habits, or in my case naps, leaving many things started and very few finished and wondering why I felt unfocused and “off”.  My time spent studying, writing, dog-walking, cooking, reading, trail running, hill walking, travelling, housework, music, conversation, and generally having any interest, passion or opinions gradually shrank and days were filled with trying to keep up with the bare minimum required for…

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    Dont dim your light! Break the habit and shine bright!

    Do you self-minimise? Hello.  Do you self-minimise and subsequently dim your light?  I do, and I didn’t realise it for years.  My first challenge is fighting that internal battle and beginning to type, and I’m not referring to procrastination (not yet!).  The battle I speak of is one of social conditioning and/or downright self-consciousness.  It’s what strikes fear in some of us enough to limit our social media action to “likes”, “shares”, supporting charities, etc.  Anything to avoid judgement.  Heaven forbid we actually express ourselves for what we are or what we do, because that’s just showing off/attention-seeking/exhibitionism, isn’t it? Be loyal to yourself and your values! Where has this…

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